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Our Core Services



Record your event using multiple or single camera, giving you perspectives from different angles. Receive broadcast quality products in any medium you wish.


Live Projection

Project your event live on projection screens, ensuring all your messages are well communicated to the larger crowd. Actively engage audience so they don’t miss out on anything.


Live Streaming

Reach worldwide audience via our live streaming services, all in high definition. Stream live events through multiple channels enabling the public flexible access to them.


Event Highlight

Summarize your event in a short highlight video. You can reuse that footage for future event promotion or to make available online for viewing after the event.


Why Choose Us

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we are well versed with capturing various events for clients across a diverse range of industries. Our extensive portfolio enables us to advise you on the best option for your explicit needs.

We have a pool of skillful resources. We always assign the right team with the right skills, experience and the right tools for your event.

We believe in commitment, reliability and integrity as part of our professional conduct when dealing with clients. These are our underlying core principles. In line with this, we adopt a professional project management approach in handling client requests.

Realizing that every client is unique, we are able to customize video production projects to suit your every need, taking into account budget constraints and other relevant restrictions. You are welcome to a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements.


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